LocationInstitut Teknologi Bandung
Current WorkRadio Telecommunication & Microwave Lab, 1st floor
Specialist InImaging and Signal Processing Quantum Computing and Information


Andriyan Bayu Suksmono


School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

General Information





  • PhD, Division of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Japan, 2002.
  • MT (M.Sc), Dept. of Electrical Eng., Institut Teknologi Bandung,1996.
  • Sarjana (B.Sc), Dept. of Physics, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 1990.

Academic experience

  • Professor, School of. Elec. Eng. & Informatics, ITB, 2009 – now, FT
  • Assoc. Professor, School of. Elec. Eng. & Informatics, ITB, 2005 – 2009, FT
  • Instructor, Dept. of Elec. Eng., ITB, 1996-2005, FT

Non-academic experience

  • Hitachi Research Fellow, The University of Tokyo, July-October 2009, FT
  • Visiting Sci. /Res. Student, RCAST, the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, 1999.
  • Visiting Sci., JSPS Fellowship, NIME, Chiba, Japan, 1998.

Field of Expertise

  • Imaging and Signal Processing, Quantum Computing and Information

Certifications or professional registrations

  • -

Current membership in professional organizations

  • Senior Member, IEEE

Honors and awards

  • Best Presenter Award, INSINAS (Ristek Seminar), 2014
  • Best Paper Award, MITA, 2013
  • IGI Global’s Excellence in Res. J. Awards, August 2011.
  • ASAHI Foundation Research Award, 2011.
  • Visiting Professorship, UTM (University Teknologi Malaysia), 2011.
  • HITACHI Research Fellowship Award, 2009
  • Outstanding Faculty Award/Best Lecturer, First Place, Indonesia, August 2007
  • Int. Publication Incentive Award, DGHE, Min. of Education, 2005, 2006
  • The APNNA Best Paper Award for Theoretical Development, ICONIP’04, 2005

Service activities

  • Assoc. Editor, Int. Journal of e-Health and Medical Comm., IGI Publishing
  • Co-Editor, International Journal of Elec. Eng. and Informatics
  • Member of Task Force on Complex-Val. Neural Networks, IEEE-CIS, 2010-now
  • Member of TPC in International Conferences (2017): BIOIMAGING
  • Member of TPC in International Conferences (2016): TSSA, ICEECS, ICWT, BIOIMAGING, APCC, IJJSS, ICISPC, ICOSST, ICRAMET.
  • Reviewer in international journals: IEEE Trans. Image Processing, IEEE Trans. Geosc. Rem. Sensing, IEEE GRS Letters, IEEE Trans. Vehic. Tech., IEEE Sig. Proc. Letters, Int. J. Neur. Systems,
    Sem I 2016/2017
  • ET 2002 Probability and Statistics
  • EL 5000 Advanced Mathematics
  • Sem II 2016/2017
  • ET 2002 Probability and Statistics

Research Interests

  • Imaging and Signal Processing,
    Quantum Computing and Information


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